Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas time

This year for Christmas, David and I went down to Gilbert to spend it with family. I remembered my camera and actually took some pictures of my family. I did not, sadly, remember to take my camera to David's family so I only have pictures of my family. I am , however, doing better having a camera with me so this year I hope to do better at taking pictures.
This is Josh and Kortnei's tree. Very pretty.
Under the tree with all our presents.
Miles opening his present.

Miles succeeded and is now eating his present.

Cozette and Donovan opening their presents.

Sam opening his present.
Sam playing with the present David and I gave him.
The messy floor after all the presents are opened.
Under the tree with no more presents :(
It was a good christmas and had lots of fun being around family. Maybe next time I will have pictures of David's family for I do like them, too :)

Sunday, December 21, 2008

White Elephants Gifts

Every year David's family does the white elephant game. It is played brutally by his family and the gifts are good to absolutely disgusting (like slime). David and I have usually brought gifts that we have found either at Savers or Goodwill. Last year David brought down snow in a small ice chest which (in Chandler, AZ) our nieces and nephews loved! This year I am bringing a HOOTER'S small serving tray and David decided to make somthing out of steel.

This is the first thing David made and it turned out so cool we decided to keep it.
This guy falling off the unicycle is the second thing he made. It is also cool but we thought it would be a fun gift for the game. Kind of a "hot" item to fight over.