Friday, October 16, 2009

For My Birthday...

I was lucky enough to visit my family in Gilbert, including my mom. I got there Friday morning and the first place I went was to Jordan and Carly's to see this little guy:

Sam and I (with Carly and my mom) are on our way to pick up Jill. I had given Sam a sucker since I knew he liked them so much.

We went to the mall to have lunch and shop. I miss the mall...

Sam playing in the mall.

Later that day we shopped everywhere. I got to go to Target, Ross, Kohls, Costco, Charlotte Russe, Barnes and Noble, and then have dinner with everybody at In and Out Burger.

Here we are eating...

having a good time.

I got lots of good gifts from my family including a painting from my incredibly talented sister.

I love this painting. Jill did an awesome job.

On Saturday we did some more shopping at the Santan mall. That afternoon we spent getting to know Kortnei's relatives that she has found. Sunday morning we had the opportunity to walk the Race for the Cure 5k that Josh and Kortnei do every year. Then we all went to IHOP for breakfast. Yummy!

Lots of people at the 5k. Totally cool!

Then on Monday we went to Hobby Lobby. It was my first time there and I wished I had been loaded with money :) Before I headed back home I got to see my cute nephew one more time as we ate lunch at Carl's Jr.

You are so cute Sam!

I had a blast hanging out with my family and shopping at places I don't have up here. It was a great birthday present to myself. I love being with them and I can't wait to see everyone again at Thanksgiving! Thanks again for all the birthday gifts and wishes!