Sunday, May 17, 2009

A Weekend With Family

This weekend David and I got to go down to Gilbert to spend time with family and see Cozette get baptized. It started off on Friday night at Someburros (yummy!) and yes, I did take some pictures. However, I accidently erased them on Saturday so I don't have any pictures of Donovan. Sorry, dude! Anyway, here are some I manage to save...
Cozette, after being baptized.
David and Sam. Two cute boys :)
Cozette swimmimg. We are at Jared's inlaws for a luncheon after the baptism.
My dad also taking pictures. He will have some of Donovan.
Kortnei and Jill. Kortnei is writing on a poster card for Cozette.
At Jordan's place playing with Sam. Such a cute boy.
This picture is blurry because Sam was walking towards me when I got the camera out. He was so much fun!
I also got to go shopping at Target (bought a shirt), Payless, (new flip flops), and we ate at Panda Express and Dairy Queen. The baptism was really good and I am so happy for Cozette. And, I want to thank Sam for making me laugh so hard this weekend :) I miss everyone already!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

My Mother... (An early Mother's Day Note)

I have the best mom in the world! She is my best friend and I love it when I get to hang out with her. It is fun when we talk about books or movies. I enjoy shopping with her and I miss going to Target with her on Saturdays. I like talking to her about silly things like, what's the new chocolate bar that's out there or about our favorite tv shows. She is kind, sweet, beautiful, loving, caring, and a whole lot of fun. She has help me through so much in my life and I want to thank you mom for all that you do.

A poem for you mom:

You are my mother and my friend,Which is unusual.Somehow our characters must blend:Your wisdom and my will.
I turn, and you are there for me;I speak, you understand.I feel cared for, but also free;You lead but don't command.
I'm fortunate that I was bornTo someone just like you;I love you, not just as my mom,But for what you are and do.
Mom I hope you have a good Mother's Day this Sunday! I love you!