Friday, July 24, 2009

Pictureless Week

My mom had the chance to come up and visit me for a week. I didn't take pictures, although my mom took some so someday you will see them on her blog :) Anyway, she came up Friday and was here for Snowflake's Pioneer Day festivities on the 18th. We skipped on the parade because I wasn't going to be in it this time and instead went to the craft festival; which I have never been to. We saw a lot of cute things but nothing we were willing to buy for the amount of money they were asking for. Then we went out to the car and motorcycle show where David and his brother were this year to advertise and give out prizes to winners. I saw many cool cars and learned a lot about them :) Afterwards my mom and I had lunch and went to the quilt show which was small but fun.

The rest of the week was mainly being bums. She taught me how to make green chili burros, no-bake cookies, and our version of goulash. On Wednesday I finally saw Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (loved it) and we shopped at Walmart. We had a lot of goodies, read many books, and she is knitting me a sweater (her first), and pretty much hung out enjoying each other's company. I really like having my mom visit and this will be an annual event :)

Thanks for everything, Mom!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

2 Weekends in 1 Post

On the last weekend of June David and I got to go down to the "valley" for Sam's 1st birthday party. We had a BBQ and went swimming. David and I rode down on this:

It's a 2007 Yamah YZF-R6. I took this picture off the internet because I kept forgetting to take a picture of David's.

On our way to Sam's party.

Sam eating his 1st hotdog. Later Carly adds watermelon to the mix :)

My favorite picture! Sam liking his birthday song.

David holding Steve and Kristi's baby David (one of the twins). Love his serious face.

David cool in the pool.

Now onto 4th of July:

Our annual Bellybutton neighborhood party. Part of the crowd; most of them Flakes :)

Neighborhhood kids having fun on the trampoline.

My niece Tara (the blonde) sitting next her friends Stephanie and Talitha.

My niece Kimi hanging out.

David throwing sticks at me for fun.

Both weekends were a lot of fun! I love it when I get to hang out with my family and I was so happy to get to go swimming; it's been too long. The 4th of July party was great, too. I really enjoy my neighbors; especially Randy. He is the one that cooks all the meat for the BBQ each year and it is the best meat ever. We had chicken breasts, sausage, slabs of beef, pork ribs, tons of salads, chips, and of course dessert. Having fun this summer! And, while I am writing this the fireworks are going off in Taylor. I am not taking any pictures because I can see them out my bedroom window so I don't have to leave the house :)