Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas 2010

With some of David's family up here in Snowflake we did gingerbread houses. My mother in law got those kits. Our house was all broken up but David was able to put it back together. He did one side and I did the other... You can tell who had their OCD going... :)  

David's: See how nice and smooth?

Mine: Just having fun and being messy.

This is Christmas day at Kortnei's house in Gilbert.

Christmas morning.

What we got for Christmas among other things.

Charlie wanting more presents to open.

Sam opening the present from us.

 Cozette with her one out of many Justin Bieber gifts :)

 Donovan liking his gifts.

 Us on Christmas day having a good time.

That night we got with the Gale's for presents and the White Elephant game.

My niece Bailey's new favorite blanket :) 

 Getting ready for the fun to begin.

 Most interesting White Elephant gift this year: The Christmas Skull!

It was a really good Christmas! We also took a family picture but I haven't seen it yet. Well, here's to a great year... and hopefully to another one for 2011!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Before and After...

I have made some changes in my home. First we sanded and stained our coffee table black:

Then my awesome mother in law with her neat talents reupholstered our couches:

These are the slipcovers I used for awhile.

Showing the original color.

My new couches!!!! I love them!!! I also love my Christmas quilt that my mom made me last Christmas!!!

Got my Christmas tree and village out :)

I got to say I think my family room looks cuter! And... if you haven't noticed I like the color blue... and stripes... and lighthouses :)

This Thanksgiving...

was spent down in Gilbert with both families. On Thanksgiving Day we started out with a Gale tradition... shooting off rockets. But, first is a picture of my niece's huge goldfish.

He's huge!!!

Boys will be boys... watching a world record jump.

 Looking where the rocket went.

Searching for the rocket.

 This bug got a ride :)

Blast off!!!

Yummy Thanksgiving meal with green gravy... it was a prank.

Now on Friday where we had Thanksgiving with my family...

Cute Charlie

 Donovan's giraffe :)

 Sam and Donovan playing with the blocks.

 Another delicious Thanksgiving dinner!

 Love his smile!!!

Outside while Josh and Kortnei put up their lights.

Had tons of fun with both families. I just love the Holidays when we can be together!!!