Wednesday, December 1, 2010

This Thanksgiving...

was spent down in Gilbert with both families. On Thanksgiving Day we started out with a Gale tradition... shooting off rockets. But, first is a picture of my niece's huge goldfish.

He's huge!!!

Boys will be boys... watching a world record jump.

 Looking where the rocket went.

Searching for the rocket.

 This bug got a ride :)

Blast off!!!

Yummy Thanksgiving meal with green gravy... it was a prank.

Now on Friday where we had Thanksgiving with my family...

Cute Charlie

 Donovan's giraffe :)

 Sam and Donovan playing with the blocks.

 Another delicious Thanksgiving dinner!

 Love his smile!!!

Outside while Josh and Kortnei put up their lights.

Had tons of fun with both families. I just love the Holidays when we can be together!!!

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Jdogger said...

Looks like some fun Thanksgiving dinners, although that picture with that big bug is freaking me out! I am glad he took a ride somewhere far away! YIKES