Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Before and After...

I have made some changes in my home. First we sanded and stained our coffee table black:

Then my awesome mother in law with her neat talents reupholstered our couches:

These are the slipcovers I used for awhile.

Showing the original color.

My new couches!!!! I love them!!! I also love my Christmas quilt that my mom made me last Christmas!!!

Got my Christmas tree and village out :)

I got to say I think my family room looks cuter! And... if you haven't noticed I like the color blue... and stripes... and lighthouses :)


Carly Nichols said...

Love it Love it Love it!!!!

Jdogger said...

Looks Good Jaclyn! I wish i knew someone who could do my couches!! Thats awesome!!

The Morgans said...

I wish I had a Christmas village. Cute house!

Melissa said...

I love the coffee table! Very cute!

Anonymous said...

WOW! I love the new-ness. Looks really good!