Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Best Decision I Have Ever Made

Seven years ago today (Sept. 21st), I married my best friend who I LOVE very much. He has been the greatest husband than I ever could've ask for. I am so lucky and blessed to have him in my life for time and all eternity. I truly have enjoyed growing closer and having our love for each other grow stronger.
We decided this year that since our anniversary is on a Monday we would have our date on Saturday so we could spend the whole day together. So this last Saturday we started our day out with me making him one of our favorite things for breakfast. Scrambled eggs with melted cheese on top, bacon, and toast with strawberry jam. Very delicious! Then, we attended a 10 o'clock session at the Snowflake Temple. After that was a filling lunch at Chinese Wok Buffet in Show Low. Then, we used a gift card I had for the movies and chose to see 9. Not a romantic movie but an interesting one indeed... we both liked it for the movie that it was (a Tim Burton). Finally, we did our grocery shopping at Walmart since I don't get up there very often just to shop. It was a fun day to be together and tonight I will make him a steak and potato dinner. I look forward to having many more years to celebrate with my best friend and husband, David.