Sunday, February 22, 2009

A Fun Weekend

My Valentine's gift from David was the chance to go down to Gilbert for the weekend. My mom was down there taking care of Cozette and Donovan while Jared and Astrid were in Hawaii. I arrived Friday morning before noon and since the kids were in school we went and visited Josh. I did not get to see Kortnei, she was still at work, and they were leaving for a trip in Tucson later that afternoon. I hope they are having fun. Anyway, we watched movies, went shopping, and ate at fast food places that I don't have here in Snowflake. I had lots of fun! Thanks David for a great gift!
Here is my mom and Josh with his dogs; Miles and Chubbs.
Cozette and Donovan on their scooters.

Cozette hanging out.

Mom knitting socks. I can't wait to get a pair!

A lovely "myspace" picture of Jill and me. We were getting ready to go shopping at the mall.

My two cute nephews (Donovan and Sam) hanging out on a Saturday night. Sam has the best smile! He is such a happy boy!

In this picture: Jordan on the couch (he moved right when I took it so he's all blurry), Cozette, Donovan, and Carly helping Sam walk. Sam is 8 months old today!