Sunday, June 13, 2010

Our New (used) Car

This last year we got a car that has been in my family for awhile now. It needed some work, mainly because it had an unfortunate flooding accident. The last two months David has been fixing it and the last thing to do was put in new carpet. Here are some before and after pictures of that fun day:



Here I am cleaning the seats.

So, the car looks great and I had to relearn how to drive it since it is a manual. I am getting the hang of it and it's nice to be able to drive around again.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Last Week at Work

My last week at the school where I worked was really fun. We took our class on a field trip to my teacher's house for a water day. I bought a $4 water gun so I could participate in the water fight. On Wednesday we had a teachers and aides vs. 6th and 5th graders softball game. We won 13-8! On Thursday the school had a field day with every class having a station. Our class was the refresher station with cold water and Otter Pops. Another cool station was the 6th graders water balloon launch. Every class could have stayed there forever :) Then, on Friday the school did their annual mousetrap races and BBQ. While waiting for the fun I played with my new camera that I had gotten the day before. Here is a picture of my classroom using a feature I wanted on my new camera:

It was a fun school year!