Sunday, June 13, 2010

Our New (used) Car

This last year we got a car that has been in my family for awhile now. It needed some work, mainly because it had an unfortunate flooding accident. The last two months David has been fixing it and the last thing to do was put in new carpet. Here are some before and after pictures of that fun day:



Here I am cleaning the seats.

So, the car looks great and I had to relearn how to drive it since it is a manual. I am getting the hang of it and it's nice to be able to drive around again.


Nichols Family said...

Wow!!! It's beautiful!!!! David you're a pro!!! Great job!! Good luck Jaclyn on learning how to drive stick!!! And maybe you'll get some action in the car!! JK!! Like your other siblings!! JK!

JackandJaneyNichols said...

I'm so proud of David! I'm sure you'll be good at driving stick, after all, Jill can...The car looks really good, and I'm glad its staying in the family with all those special memories of my teenagers in love, it'd be a shame to sale it :) I always did like that really looks good!!!!

roseanne said...

wow i'M IMPRESSED! Can my suburban be next?? Our kids have trashed it big time. you order a new floor from the factory? It looks great!

roseanne said...

Opps I meant to say did you order a new floor from the factory...I'm typing with squirmy children on my lap!