Monday, November 15, 2010

David's Birthday Weekend

In February David started a program called "Couch to 5k" to start running again. While doing this program he learned from friends of a half marathon down in Mesa called Shun The Sun. It was going to be held two days before he would be 30. He decided he wanted to do it since he has never run any kind of marathon before and he enjoys running. Here are some pictures from the Half Marathon:

The cool shirt he got; his mom bought me one :)              

Fun goodies from his registration bag including his number, 91.

Our friends from Snowflake, running also :)

You can see David's head above the lady in black as he starts the marathon.

And off he goes... he is in a grey shirt and black shorts near the lady with the cell phone.

"We made it!" The time here says 2:35:54 but his official time was 2:34:49!
Pretty awesome for his first time and still getting over a cold! 

Here is my family at a Mexican burrito place in Gilbert for David's birthday.

Charlie was blocked so I took this picture. I think he's thinking "I can't believe she's my aunt". 
Ha ha.

It was a fun weekend! I am so proud of David! We also had lunch with his mom, his brother, our brother-in-law, and nephew at Paradise Bakery. Yum! If you are wondering why there are no pictures of me... well, I got David's cold and my nose was all red and sore! Tonight for David's birthday we are having a family party with his family. I heard his mom made two pies. Can't wait!