Sunday, January 31, 2010

A Very Short Trip

This weekend David and I went down to the valley to pick up a car my family gave us to fix and eventually sell. We were only going to be down for a short time and I wanted to make sure I saw everyone in my family. And, I had to take pictures because I want to remember to take more pictures this year and also so my mom could see the short fun she was missing :)

First, David and I had lunch with Jill at Uncle Sam's in Scottsdale.

Then, later that evening we had dinner at Kortnei's with Jordan, Carly, and Sam.
Sam saying hi to me.

Jordan telling a funny story.

The girls talking.

Yummy BBQ ham pizzas that Kortnei had made.

Having fun.

Sam's pizza face.

Dessert that David and I bought. We each had our own.

Sunday morning visiting my other cute nephew and niece. They are getting too big! :)

Showing me a dance.

Playing Connect Four with Cozette.

Here you go Grandma Janey! :)
(sorry it's dark and there is no sound)

All in all, David and I had an enjoyable while short time. We also shopped at Dick's Sporting Goods where David bought new running shoes. Now I just can't wait until next time I am down there which will be when baby Charlie is born!