Saturday, March 28, 2009

A little tidbit:

For awhile now they have been trying to get Snowflake and Taylor to become one town (Snowflake-Taylor). The gossip is that Taylor doesn't want to because then it would just end up being called Snowflake for short and Taylor will be forgotten... or something like that. Anyway, people in Snowflake don't really care what we name the town we just want to become one. I heard today that they might name the "new" town Silver Creek City. So, I guess we will see what happens.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

My complaint for the day :)

Okay so as of Feb. there was a law that passed that said it was illegal to sell lead toys to children 12 and under. But, the CPSC worded that law that said all products for children 12 and under with lead were illegal. This included dirt bikes because as you all know children put dirt bikes in their mouths to suck on them. So now all the companies that were selling children's dirt bikes can't sell them anymore and kids can't ride anymore until they are older. It also means that my husband and his brother can't work on fixing little kid's dirt bikes because no one can sell new parts. Now, the stupidest thing about all this is that the government said that the CPSC can restate the fact; saying it's okay to sell children's dirt bikes and kids can start riding again. But, they haven't...

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Our "Green Day" Party

I really enjoy St. Patrick's Day. Part of the reason is because it's the day when I was first kissed (a fond memory) and the other part is because it's fun to go all out wearing green and listening to Irish music. Growing up in Gilbert St. Patrick's Day was always during Spring Break. But up here in Snowflake and Pinetop we are still in school so I really love doing projects and having a "green day" party.
Here is a picture of my classroom with our lucky clovers hanging from the ceiling.

My cute class ready to eat their morning snack.

Our morning snack: "green" chocolate covered strawberries.
One of my boys posing. All my kids got a picture taken with these glasses by the sign they made. I printed out each picture and made a magnet for their parents.

One of my girls playing with green play doh that we had made. Each kid got to take some home.

Our afternoon snack: green milk and cookies.

We had lots of fun. I played my Irish music all day and one of our highschool students taught them an Irish dance. We read Irish books and sang some St. Patrick's Day preschool songs. Sometimes I just really love my job :)