Monday, April 20, 2009

A Guy Weekend

David and his brother (Mike) went on an overnight camping trip. Mike's brother-in-law (Owen) and his friend (Mark) came with them; never having done something like this. Their transportation? Dual sport bikes. They rode up past Roosevelt Dam near Tortilla Flats. Here are a few pictures that were taken :


David (in the sunglasses), Owen, and Mark

Looking at the view

Mike posing while looking at the view

Roosevelt Dam

Their campsite
The guys had a very fun trip. And, what was I do all alone at home while David was out riding? Cleaning, doing laundry, running errands, going to a Relief Society activity, church meetings, and going to church all by myself. But, that's okay. I am glad David was able to go and have a good time. I just need to get out more :)


KNichols said...

Glad they had a fun trip!

Amanda M. said...

Looks like fun for them, and sounds like fun for you ha ha. I think you need a girls weekend now!

JackandJaneyNichols said...

You should have, at the very least, treated yourself to a Dairy Queen visit!

Hopefully, you can vacation with me this summer:)

Nichols Family said...

Sounds like he had a lot of fun! We should have a girls weekend!!

Ashley said...

you didn't eat ice cream and watch chick flicks!?! That's what I usually end up doing at night when Drew's not around(like tonight).

roseanne said...

looks like fun, we rode that same road a few weeks ago... It's scary!! I think I told Tres that it was the "road to divorce"! j/k Ya you totally need a girls night now!