Thursday, December 31, 2009

Looking back in 2009...

Well it's almost 2010 and for fun I decided to post some of the pictures from this last year.

Starting with Supercross from last January.
Not going this next year for the first time but that's okay. We will be seeing a different race in June.
This picture is from around February when my mom was babysitting Donovan and Cozette.
Sam and Donovan; Sam was about 8 months old here.
Cozette's Baptism!
In June for Sam's 1st birthday!

4th of July fun.
Thanksgiving up in Pinetop.

It has been an awesome year with changing jobs, spending as much time as I can with family, and David and I growing closer and just loving our life together! My New Year Resolutions for next year are:

1. Stay in touch with family
2. Take more pictures
3. Keep being strong in the church
4. Try to be better at saving money
5. Continue to love David



The Lucas Gang said...

Happy New Years!
I hope 2010 is an amazing year for you guys!

JackandJaneyNichols said...

Thanks for putting all those pictures was a really good year! Your resolutions are funny, continue to love David is a resolution, made me chuckle. Love you pumpkin!

Melissa said...

Very cute idea Jaclyn! The pictures are great!!!