Friday, March 25, 2011

Spring Break

On Monday David and I went down to the valley for my aunt's funeral on Tuesday. Here are some pictures of what the weather was like as we traveled:

Forest Lakes

Almost to Payson... love the fog!

Near Fountain Hills

In Gilbert

The funeral was good. I am amazed that while my aunt faced many problems in her life she was just a good, nice person. She will be missed. Here are some pictures of that day:

Looking good :)

 At her graveside.

  My cute nephew Sam at the luncheon; he loves going through my purse. 

 Sam got a hold of my camera and took the following pictures:

A funeral is never fun although,  I did like seeing my family. Even short visits are nice. For the rest of my spring break I have been reading and relaxing. Tonight (Friday), David will be at a scout camp for the night so I plan to watch a few girl movies while he is gone :)

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JackandJaneyNichols said...

Good pictures....Sam is a good photographer! One of the good parts about Barbara's funeral was that I got to see you and David :)