Friday, September 9, 2011

Day 2: Glenwood

By Saturday afternoon we were in Glenwood, New Mexico. There are two motels there and we chose the Lariat. It was behind the gas station. The bedroom was okay but the bathroom was small and scary cabin like. That night we ate at another place that David has been to, the Blue Frontier Cafe. I got a bean and cheese burrito but instead of refried beans it was pinto beans. Good, but I like refried beans better. In the morning we went to another place that David likes for breakfast. It is an older couple that run there house as a cafe. She only does breakfast, it's cash only, and very decent prices. The food was delicious!

Later that day we went to the Glenwood Cat Walk Trail: In the early 1930’s, the Civilian Conservation Corp (CCC) turned an old mining trail through a narrow canyon into a major recreational feature. Their efforts, the Catwalk on the Whitewater Trail, is a must-see if you are near Silver City or Glenwood, New Mexico.
 I have lots a pictures from that. It is a 2.25 mile hike into the canyon round trip with a creek. You can picnic there, swim in the creek , and some people fish. I enjoyed it very much! 

Our hotel.

This is the cafe.

 Here is the entrance to the catwalk.

 We never did see a bear...

 Made it halfway!

 We had made it! This is the last bridge you walk across. I took the picture as we started back down.

 Here we stopped to cool down in the creek. We didn't go swimming but did put our feet in. The water was freezing!!! You will also see some older men behind us. They were swimming and one of them decided to take of his shorts to put on swimming ones and I made the mistake of looking behind me has he did this. He was hidden behind the tree but when he bent down to put the shorts on I saw naked old man bum.

Here David is fetching his sunglasses. He went to this rock to look down into it and they fell off. What a silly dork :)

 Here are some pictures of  what this place used to look like. 

The trail was a lot of fun! Fun for children, too! I wouldn't mind doing it again with family. Anyway, after that we headed back into AZ and spent the night in Morenci... 


Leisel said...

Did you see others fishing? We werent sure we were allowed, but did it anyway. I caught one! We didnt see the bear, but I had a panic moment when I thought it could eat one of my kids! Glad you had fun.

Jaclyn said...

Thanks... yeah, we saw others fishing so I guess it is okay to do so.

JackandJaneyNichols said...

I"ve been there before...and so have you, when you were little and Jordan was only 6 weeks old. I can barely remember it. I think I better go again.....did you go on your motorcycle? Pretty pics:)

Jaclyn said...

I obviously didn't remember and no we went in our car.

liz said...

You guys went with us!!! It was one of our favorite places to go. We used to always go hiking there - and went through there a lot on our way to go backpacking.