Thursday, September 8, 2011

My Labor Day Weekend Day 1

At the beginning of our trip we went to Alpine, AZ. Then we drove on up to New Mexico where we stopped in Alma and Mogollon Ghost Town. There a many pictures but they are out of order somewhat. Hope you enjoy :)

We ate at Bear Wallow in Alpine. It is a favorite place of David's when they go up here to ride.

Here are some views of New Mexico when we pulled over.

Here is the only stop in Alma.

About 2 miles past the Alma store you turn right to head into the Mogollon Ghost Town. Then it is another 9 miles driving into the canyon to get there. When you first get to the town there's a painted stop watch. The time is set at 4 o'clock because when the mine closed down the worked stopped at 4 and everyone (about over 2,000 people) left all at once that day. Only one guy remained for another year or so before he, too left. The following are pictures of this old town. They have added new things to get tourists in there.

The mine.

The old general store. It is now connected to a bed and breakfast that is said to be haunted. However, we did not stay there because it was pricey for only one night and, while it wasn't a problem for us, no children or pets are allowed. 

This is for the town also from May to October.

I have many pictures from inside the building. All the clocks in there are set at 4.

An old printing press.

I thought this dress was pretty and I would have worn it back then.

This is a newer building. It had some cool pieces. I took two pictures of what I liked.

The fish in the pond.

I might have to make something like this someday.

Thought of my dad with this one :)

Love these old bathtubs!

An old cheese slicer... looks dangerous.

Tools used in the mine.

The barrel is a washer machine and I liked the old school desks.

Old vending machines.

David going in...

This is an old piano player that played by itself.

This safe is awesome. It was built into the wall all those years ago and it is still there today.

Spices from back then.

An old toy.

This made me laugh because for danger you have to wait to see if you heard 7 bells... what if you miscounted?

Another shot of the pond. I love it!

A new restaurant but we didn't eat there.

That's everything from the town. There was a cemetery but it was a no trespassing one.

One the way to and from the town for many miles it's a one way road  so you drive nice and slow because as you go into the canyon there are cliffs you might fall off of if you are not careful.

This was a fun place to visit and very interesting to learn the history. However, I would think twice before I took children because they might not appreciate it until they are older. 

Up next... on to Glenwood, New Mexico!


JackandJaneyNichols said...

I've been there before, years ago but don't remember much.....I think we should fo explore New Mexico sometime....I want to go to the alien town, :). Your pics are really good! Pic of you and David is cute!

Leisel said...

Lovely. We stopped at the Alma store a few months ago to ask about fishing, but she said there was no water back there. I had no idea there was an entire ghost town back there. We always buy saltwater taffy and fudge from the sweet shop connected to Bear Wallow. Good stuff.

The Morgans said...

That looks like so much fun. The 7 bells thing really made me laugh.