Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Random pictures

Here are some random pictures that I have taken in the last year in Snowflake. A picture of Jill and I when she came up in the summer, our back yard with a pit bike track in the farthest corner, our first snow day (no school) and David and his brother decided to ride their pit bikes in the snow, Supercross event in Phoenix from last year (David and I go every January), our race truck ( a Blazer) that we rolled on our 5th anniversary (we weren't hurt and I actually wished I had it on video as it was my first time in an accident and we did roll about two times before landing upright), and a picture of the apartment we live in; the front door is actually in the backyard. I have more pictures on myspace but this gives you an idea of my life.


Ashley said...

That's crazy that you guys rolled on your anniversary! It sounds like you guys have a lot of fun!

Aaron Kelsey and Cambria said...

YAY!! I have been waiting for pictures!!!!!

Kortnei said...

Thanks! Yours looks great too. See you next week!