Monday, January 5, 2009

This is for you Kortnei...(and other info.)

Ok, so we finally had a good snow day here in Snowflake
This is the view of the backyard out of our kitchen window.
And this is the view of the front yard out of our family room window.
David and I had a good New Year's Eve. We had pizza and ice cream and watched Death Race. At midnight we said Happy New Year's and I texted everyone in my family the same thing. Then we went to bed 10 minutes later. On New Year's Day we did nothing but be lazy all day. I finished my first lesson that I had to do in Relief Society and am happy to say it went well. Now I am back at work and waiting for this coming weekend for Supercross.


Kortnei said...

It's so pretty! Was it enough to have a snow day from school?

Bobbi Jo said...

I miss the snow!! Thank you for posting the pretty pictures. Hugs, Bobbi Jo

Ashley said...

That is very pretty. I haven't missed the snow yet.

Leisel said...

It was fun to see you the other day. Why couldn't it snow while we were there?

Nichols Family said...

Thank you for your sweet comment about me being your family:) I absolutely love being a Nichols:)